Our guests for the meeting included
  • Rev. Veronica Lanier
    Interim Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lynn, MA
  • Rev. Martha Dominy
    Pastor, First Baptist Church, Malden, MA
  • Mr. Mark Holly
    Vice Chair, Trustees
    Boston Baptist Social Union
  • Mr. Robert Craig
    Chairman, Committee on Christian Works
    Boston Baptist Social Union
  • Mr. Wayne Gebhardt
    Chairman, Nominating Committee
    Boston Baptist Social Union
  We began the program with everyone singing the hymn "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken". When we had finished, Rev. Lanier led us in the Invocation. Dinner was served and as usual we enjoyed a nice meal.
We welcomed in two new new members into the Social Union. Pictured here with his sponsor, is Steve Sauter (right) from First Baptist Church in Needham.
Hume Thistle, from First Baptist Church in Lynn is shown here with his sponsor, Dexter Bishop.
  In Memorium
  • Max Brauninger
  • Edwin Austin
  • Robert Pulsford
  • Clifford Knight
We had a moment of silence as we remembered these members who had passed away during the year. Rev. Lanier led us in a memorial prayer.
  Special music was provided by the BBSU Choir led by Mr Richard Freeman.
 Recognition of Past Presidents  Each of the past presidents in attendence was called up and presented with a red boutineer.   Pictures
 In the business portion of the meeting Mr. Wayne Gebhardt presented the nominations for the Officers, Directors, Trustees, and the Committee on Christian Work. All were elected. After the vote, our new president, Mr. Owen Knight accepted the invitation to say a few words.  

The Nominations for 2003-2004
  • Owen Knight, President
  • John Rocca, Vice President
  • Al Donaghy, Vice President
  • Edwin Hobart, Executive Secretary
  • Gordon Abbott, Treasurer
  • David Cloues, Director
  • James Cowan, Director
  • Richard Freeman, Director
  • Thomas Leach, Director
  • Dale Karasek, Director
  • John Kennedy, Director
  • Larry Thompson, Director
  • Horace Works, Director
  • Dexter Bishop, Committee on Christian Work
  • Kenneth Brown, Committee on Christian Work
  • Robert Craig, Committee on Christian Work, Member Emeritus
  • Christopher Edwards, Committee on Christian Work
  • Mark Seeley, Committee on Christian Work
  • J. Irving Rawding, Trustees (2004)
  • Mark Holly, Trustees (2006)
 Reflecting on the Past, past president Mr. Gordon Abbott and outgoing president Mr. Ron Day shared their recollections. Gordon shared several slide pictures from 1978-1979, prompting many remarks and comments from the audience.
Ron shared some memories of meetings he attended when his father had been president and recounted what the highlights of his term as president.
 Mr. Bob Craig honored.  Bob has served as the chairman of the Christian Work Committee for the last 20 years. He was presented with a plaque and a clock.
 Rev. Martha Dominy, closed the meeting with the benediction.