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Reception5:30 p.m.
Dinner6:30 p.m.
MeetingFollowing Dinner
ProgramFollowing Meeting

Location: Sheraton Hotel Needham

Our Guests

Mr. Phillip A. Chetwynd Abraham Lincoln Scholar
Rev. Diane Badger Pastor
Marion Community Baptist Church
Rev. Dr. Mark Jackson Pastor
First Baptist Church, Lexington
Mr. Bob JopeDirector
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Warren Thorburn Director
Boston Baptist Social Union

February 2014 Meeting

February 2, 2014

New Members Voted Into Membership

The BBSU is growing some more. Several new members were accepted into membership.

New Members Welcomed New Members Welcomed

The Man Who Would Be Lincoln

Photo of Philip Chetwyn portraying President Lincoln

Phillip Chetwynd has been a devoted Lincoln scholar since childhood, studying the character, philosophy, and common sense of this simple country lawyer who became the definitive leader of our nation. Chetwynd began his road to this portrayal in 1976, reenacting during the American Bicentennial. By the late 1980s, he transferred his interests to the American Civil War, finding a long sought outlet for his first passion: Abraham Lincoln. The only professional Lincoln presenter to enter the field of Lincoln impressionists directly from reenacting. Mr. Chetwynd portrayed the President for the first time in 1988, and has not stopped since.

He brings to his presentation a strong convincing sense of Lincoln in the first person. His strength and challenge are in the press conference, where he fields questions from every quarter on any aspect of Lincoln: his White House administration during the Civil War, foreign policy, reconstruction, the place of the African American in American Society, his law practice, family life, and growing up on the nation's frontier. Hard-nosed historians cannot shake him from his first person portrayal, supported by his wealth of knowledge of Lincoln as a whimsical and devoted family man, as a shrewd and determined politician, as a private and troubled individual burdened by personal loss and national tragedy.

Providence Brigade Band

Photo: Providence Brigade Band

Town brass bands proliferated in the 1840's and 1850's due to the prosperity of the period and the availability of brass instruments with valves such as the Saxhorns of Adolph Sax. These types of brass instruments initiated a movement that at one point in last third of the nineteenth century resulted in an estimated 10,000 brass bands in America. The original Providence Brass Brigade Band was founded in 1846 and chartered in 1847, and was made up of tradesmen and professional people who were musicians by avocation. Numbered among them were a music professor, a carpenter, a blacksmith, and a jeweler. Their activities were typical of hundreds of similar bands throughout the country. They performed in concerts and parades, dedicated monuments to fallen heroes and in general fostered civic pride throughout the region.

Photo: Providence Brigade Band

Today the band carries on that tradition performing in the style of early American brass bands. Band members dress in military uniforms of the period and play original music of the time. Programs with special emphasis on music of the American Civil War are presented, bringing to life this critical chapter of our country through its music. Facts, anecdotes, and the legends of the songs and composers are used to enhance the unique qualities of this musical genre and time period.

For additional information visit their website http://pbband.org.

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