Boston Baptist Social Union
November 1, 2004

Gracia Burnham will be our special speaker.
Gracia Burnham and her daughter Gracia and her husband Martin served as missionaries with New Tribes Missions in the Philippines. In May 2001 the Burnhams were captured by a terrorist group. Her book, “In The Presence Of My Enemies” tells their story. Her website has this to say...
It was an unexpected year of difficulty which Martin and I endured as hostages of the Abu Sayyaf. That ordeal came to an end June 7th, 2002 during our 17th gun battle in which I was injured and Martin was killed. As stated at Martin's funeral, I “was rescued from the jungle by a helicopter; Martin was rescued from the jungle on angels' wings”.
The Phillipino Choir from Tremont Temple provided the music. Phillipino Choir with Gracia Burnham.