The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.

Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Jamaica Plain

The church together with the pastoral team believe that implementing a vision of the model of Jesus's teaching -the objective being to teach and strengthen the spiritual life- can help transform many lives and win many others for the Kingdom of God. Last year we put in place the second phase of the plan resulting in many new members for the church. It is our hope to continue the vision and implement the third phase which is to do a Mission trip to Honduras. In which we will be traveling with the church leaders and some lay people to help in some communities. The Retreats and the teaching grounded on the Scriptures are the basis for our vision. We believe that each retreat will tremendously benefit spiritually the targeted groups of men and women. To have these retreats will help fill important areas of need in the lives of people and particularly those who do not have God in their lives to recognize that without God we are nothing. In each retreat will target a specific group to deal with specific themes, this year we want to target couples. The goal is to have trained people help address specific needs of couples in attendance such as: communication, finance, raising children, and health and intimacy. The vision for the retreats and leadership training has touched at least 125 lives during 2007 and around 90 during 2008. They were from Boston and surrounding neighborhoods like East Boston, Dorchester, Chelsea, also we have 2 participants from Lynn. 85% are first and second generation of spanish speakers. 15 years old was the youngest and the oldest was 69 years old. We hope to support and expand this compassion ministries to at least double the number.