The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.

UMASS Campus Ministry

Mission and Purpose

The Massachusetts Baptist Foundation for Campus Ministry is requesting funds to strengthen its existing ministry supporting campus ministers on college campuses across Massachusetts, with special emphasis on UMASS Boston.

Campus Ministers are the local church's ministers and missionaries on campus working among students, faculty, administrators and staff in numerous ways including worship, counseling Bible study, discussion groups, fellowship, and community service projects.

Campus Ministers bring the church's perspective to so many young and idealistic people searching for meaning in their lives, often while facing pressures such as para-religious groups, religious pluralism, substance abuse, relational and reproductive issues, and increasingly, the economic crises.

Campus Ministers know that our college campuses are crucial to the shaping of the future; are where values are being formed, are increasingly the international mission at  our doorstep, with such a rich mix of foreign students; and so are a place where we must witness to the Gospel. College campuses  are probably the most important mission field of the church today.

Specifically we are requesting funds to underwrite the annual cost of the existing campus Minister at UMass Boston - Rev. Adrienne Berry-Burton.