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Reception 5:45 p.m.

Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Meeting after Dinner

Meeting will be held at the Sheraton in Needham

Our Guests

Rev. J. Loring CarpenterExecutive Director
Seafarer's Friend
Rev. Edilberto NinoPastor, Iglesia Bautista
Hispano Americana de Boston
Ms. Zuribel DiMartinoSoloist, Iglesia Bautista
Hispano Americana de Boston
Rev. Ashlee Weist-LairdPastor, First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain
Rev. Ian MevorachAssociate Pastor,
First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain
Rev. Debra JacksonPastor, First Baptist Church, Needham
Rev. Brian DixonPastor, First Baptist Church, Medford
Mr. Mark HollyChairman, Trustees
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Frederick Drauschke Chairman, Committee on Christian Work,
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Steve RobinsonChairman, Nominating Committee,
Boston Baptist Social Union


Song“When Peace Like A River”
InvocationRev. Debra Jackson
Memorial PrayerRev. Debra Jackson
Annual Business Meeting 
Election of OfficersMr. Steven Robinson
ProgramThe Committee on Christian Work
BenedictionRev. Brian Dixon

Annual Meeting

April 2, 2012

Annual Business Meeting

Members are reminded that their annual membership dues are to be paid by this meeting.

All members are encouraged to contribute a new package of men's socks or men's underwear for the homeless men in Boston. Starlight Ministries, ministers to the homeless in Boston and could use these gifts in reaching men for Christ.

The meeting will feature a presentation of annual reports from the boards and committees.

Christian Work Committee

The Committee on Christian Work, who are responsible for the decisions on applications for Christian work grants, will present the Christian work of some of the recent grant recipients.

Seafarer's Friend

Rev. J. Loring Carpenter, will share about the mission to reach out to seamen working on merchant ships that come into Boston harbor from around nations around the globe in the name of Jesus Christ.

Iglesia Bautista Hispano Americana de Boston

Rev. Edilberto Nino, pastor, will tell us about the work of this church. Ms. Zuribel DiMartino will sing.

First Baptist Church, Jamaica Plain

Pastor Rev. Ashlee Weist-Laird and Rev. Ian Mevorach will share how the BBSU Christian Work Grant has helped in reaching their community.