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DinnerBuffet 5:45 - 7:00 p.m.
MeetingFollowing Dinner
ProgramFollowing Meeting

Location is the Sheraton Hotel in Needham

Special Notes For This Meeting

  • Meeting starts earlier
  • Reservations must be in by March 1st
    Tickets will not be mailed.
    Pick up at the door.
  • Dinner will be buffet style
  • Special Guest Fees apply. See chart below.
Family Night Guest Fees
Children under age 16$ 5.00
Adults & Teens 16 & older$30.00

March 2011 Meeting

Family Night

On Family Night members are encouraged to bring their family along with them to enjoy the meeting. The meeting will be held a little bit earlier in the evening (starts at 5:45 PM) and will feature a buffet style dinner. For the program portion of the meeting, the BBSU will welcome back illusionist Lyn Dillies in a special performance of The Magic of Lyn.

Members take note of the special notes for this meeting on the left side of this page.

During Lyn's performance she needed some volunteers. She asked Dominic for assistance with a card trick. Here Dominic is on the stage, and Lyn is seated on the floor in front of the stage near the children.

Young boy Dominic helps with a card trick.

Lyn walked into the audience and found Joe Marcello for her next “volunteer”. Joe went along with Lyn to the stage much to the delight of his family and friends. On the right we see Joe sticking his neck out. Asked if he had any last words for his wife, “My life insurance policy is all paid up,” he said.

Joe Marcello volunteers.

The evening was well attended and enjoyed by all.

photo of Family Night March 2011