The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.

Ruggles Baptist Church

Ministry Focus

Presently the outreach ministeries of Ruggles Baptist Church focus on three areas: facilitating church planting int the church's geographical area, outreach to the International students living in the area, and an outreach at Brookline High School through the ministry of Dale Karasek.

Facilitating Church Planting

Serving the larger Church community in Boston remains integral to the call and commitment of Ruggles Baptist Church. When the larger Christian community observes this call and commitment in operation, they refer to it as "kingdom mentality." A kingdom mentality means your focus is on the growth of the larger Body of Christ. In Ruggles' situation, a kingdom mentality primarily means facilitating the planting of churches in the Boston area. Church planting within Ruggles' own venue is viewed with favor, not a competitive spirit. More churches are needed in Boston. A kingdom mentality is in contrast to a "church mentality" where the focus is on one's own church growth and development.

This commitment means that Pastor Showalter works with the pastors to provide encouragement and sometimes direction for these fledgling churches. As Ruggles continues to share building space with other churches and ministries, the church's office manager devotes time to coordinating schedules and managing other practical matters of multiple users in a limited space within the Ruggles building.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry initiatives are directed to Christian and pre-Christian youth. The Youth Ministry focuses on the Junior Church program within Ruggles and the local community outreach at Brookline High School. The primary goals are to reach and disciple youth, to care for these kids and develop their leadership potential with the church and within the local community in which they live.