The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.

Project Manna


Project Manna seeks to enhance the quality of life and decrease the incidence of hunger for low income families and individuals, especially those who are homeless, by providing nutritional assistance. Project Manna has been in continual operation since August 4, 1989.

The cornerstone of Project Manna's contribution to the community is our soup kitchen that serves a three-course dinner each Monday and Friday evening. Served in Fellowship Hall of the church, this warm, nutritious meal is offered year-round to anyone in need. Approximately 300 homeless individuals enjoy this meal twice per week in a supportive, caring environment.

Our Food Pantry is open one Saturday per month, with the mission of providing nutritional competency of low-income families and individuals. This program serves seniors and families with infants and children.

Last year we saw a considerable increase in the number of individuals looking for a meal and also, recorded an increase in the number of families participating in the EPIC Food Pantry program. The family composition now includes an increasing number of families without children as well.