The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.


YPE Summer Program, started in 2006, is a cooperative effort with several churches in the Humboldt Avenue area of Roxbury to provide safe and positive space for youth in the most critically dangerous summer evening hours. It serves approximately 200at-risk yound people per year, providing engagement with positive adult role models and recreational opportunities while teaching useful life skills and violence prevention techniques. Events are organized with the assistance of a Youth Council, and have included weekly Teen Cafes, concerts, neighboorhood walks, cooking classes, talent shows, and "PeaceFest", a community event held in a park with food, performances, events, for children, etc.

YPE Peace Workshops have been offered since 2008.  This is an intense, six-week program designed to provide the often underserved 17 - 24 age group support as they transition to adulthood and positive community participation. The Workshops provide life-readiness and public-speaking training designed to teach self-realization, creative expression,and relation to others. The Peace Workshops typically include a group of 12-15 participants and meet two times a week to discuss peacemaking activities and once per year week with a professional speaking coach to address public speaking. In 2009 the speaking coach was a volunteer from the Toastmasters program.

YPE Afterschool is the newest YPE program, having opened in November 2009. The Afterschool offers a curriculum designed especially to serve youth aged 14-17 over three years of programming focused on inward growth, relational growth, and community participation. the Afterschool currently meets two evenings per week, plus an optional Saturday activity one weekend per month.