The following is a Christian Work Project sponsored in part by a grant from the Boston Baptist Social Union.

Boston Christian Counseling Center


You have been so gracious to give the Boston Christian Counseling Center this grant which enables us to serve those who are not able to afford the help which is so much needed especially [during] these hard times when many of them are in need of financial aid. This last year has been especially a hard year for many and we thank God for giving us the opportunity to help those in need because of your support.

People Served

In the year of 2009 we reached people who were in need of working on relationships that had to do with marriage, individuals, children, and the elderly and provide services for the local churches. We were invited to work with five congregations which were struggling with conflict within the staff, pastors and committee members. We provided 1680 hours of counseling during the year. We saw 28 couples on a weekly basis and 148 individuals as well as 22 individuals in our Home Base Counselling. The success with these couples has been impressive in living normal and productive life and who are maintaining healthy relationships with their nuclear family as well with the church family. There are a few of our individual clients and some couples who are still struggling in maintaining their individual relationships either at home, work or school.The ones who struggle at work (9) were able to amend their ways of dealing with their coworkers and (38) whom we see weekly deal with family of origin dysfunctional ties which trouble them at times.

We have found that 75% of the patients we see are unable to pay the discounted fee of $50 - $60, with your assistance we have been able to provide services at reduced rates. We try to use a sliding scale with a number of people and we find that even with a sliding scale for some individuals we often need to lower that fee as well.

The Home Base couples (22) and the (148) individuals are referred to us by the pastors of the churches in the area or by their family or a friend. These Home Based individuals are seen bi-weekly which is a rather strenuous load due to traveling to their home to see them. These couples and individuals are mainly elderly ad unable to come to the office,and are home bound. The counseling provided is primarily pastoral care, counseling and getting them in touch with the agencies who provide the help needed and which gives them the autonomy to stay home. The service we provide is not paid for by these persons and it is the help you provided for us in order to offer this service.

We also have our daily radio program called Definition which is heard by many and which is also a source of referral for the Center.