Reception 5:45 p.m.

Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Meeting after Dinner

Meeting will be held at the Sheraton in Needham

Our Guests

Mr. Paul MalkemesExecutive Director
The Boston Project, Dorchester
Rev. Kevin PattersonPastor
First Baptist Church, West Townsend
Director David's Harp Ministry
Rev. Lloyd Patrick ClarkePastor
First Baptist Church, Newton
Rev. Brent NewberryPastor
First Baptist Church, Worcester
Mr. Mark HollyChairman, Trustees
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Frederick Drauschke Chairman, Committee on Christian Work,
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Joseph MarcelloChairman, Nominating Committee
Boston Baptist Social Union


Meeting Agenda

Song“I Love to Tell the Story”
InvocationRev. Lloyd Patrick Clarke
Memorial PrayerRev. Lloyd Patrick Clarke
Annual Business MeetingMr. Christopher Edwards, President BBSU 
Election of OfficersMr. Joe Marcello 
Other BusinessMr. Joseph Marcello, President BBSU 
ProgramMr. Fred Drauschke, BBSU Committee on Christian Work
Rev. Claire Sullivan, House of Hope Church, Lynn
BenedictionRev. Brent Newberry

Annual Meeting

April 4, 2016

Committee on Christian Work Program

Christian work grants help support Christian work in Boston and the Greater Boston area. Tonight the Boston Baptist Social Union Committee on Christian Work presents two of this year's grant recipients.

The Boston Project Ministries

The Boston Project Ministries(TBPM) mission is to equip neighbors, vlunteers, and churches to build strong communities, characterized by God's Shalom. TBPM is a unique faith and community based agency. The operations of which are anchored in these five core values:

  1. Supporting Community Strengths
  2. Practicing Wholistic Ministry
  3. Developing Leaders
  4. Building Bridges to Promote Justice
  5. Promoting Long Term Impact over Quick Fixes.

David's Harp

David's Harp is a compassionate ministry of the First Baptist Church of West Townsend, MA. The ministry reaches out to three target groups:

  1. the handicapped, particularly those with multiple disablilities
  2. the elderly. especially those living in elder care facilities
  3. those who (like all of us at one time or another) are hurting and need comfort

We minister to these individuals through concerts of music tailored to their needs, partnering with our free Community Supper, and by visiting those in institutuional settings.

Events held at the church are wheelchair accessible and invite audience participation. To date our concerts have been free and open to the public. Occupational therapists are on hand to help ensure that guests are safe and comfortabl. Our ministry team is made up of 10 - 15 gifted, talented, experienced, and dedicated volunteers.