Reception 5:30 p.m.

Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Meeting after Dinner

Meeting will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Needham


Meeting Agenda

Memorial Prayer 
Annual Business MeetingMr. Richard Wolf, President BBSU 
Election of OfficersMr. Christopher Edwards 
Other BusinessMr. Richard Wolf, President BBSU 
ProgramMr. Fred Drauschke,
BBSU Committee on Christian Work

Annual Meeting

April 3, 2017

Committee on Christian Work Night

Christian work grants have helped support Christian work in Boston and the Greater Boston area for more than 150 years. Tonight the Boston Baptist Social Union Committee on Christian Work presents two of this year's grant recipients. The after school program at Second African Meeting House/Twelfth Baptist Church (SAMH/TBC) and The Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries (MBMM).

Second African Meeting House/Twelfth Baptist Church

SAMH/TBC is located in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston on Warren St. Youth and Family services must be provided year round with the emphasis on the greater Roxbury neighborhood surrounding the church. Within the neighborhood. 22% of households live in poverty and 33% of all subsidized housing in Boston is concentrated here. Each activity offered or resource granted provides an encouraging rung to aid families in their climb out of poverty from Warren Gardens, a subsidized rental development in which 227 families reside.


MBMM focuses on Intercultural Ministry, refugee ministry and leadership development. The intercultual ministry is one of the most important core values and the foundation of the organization. It addresses the challenges and opportunties of ethnic, cultural and theological diversity. The Refugee Ministry works with Bhutanese refugees in Worcester, Burmese refugees in Lowell, Iraqi, Iranian, and Syrian refugees in Worcester, Burmese refugees in Worcester. Congolese, Somalian, Burundian and Liberian refugees in Worcester, and a new Dorchester/Boston refugee program. Leadership development works with the Cultural Minstry Advocates (CMA's). Pastor ordination and training, quarterly meetings of pastors and lay leaders, one-on-one ministry with the local church, new church plants, and mentorships and intercultural ministry team meetings.