Boston Baptist Social Union
December 6, 2004

December 2004 Meeting


Bob Mercer was back leading the singing for this meeting. The men joined their voices with a rousing rendition of “Good Christian Men, Rejoice”. After the Invocation we enjoyed a fine dinner. Then we were thoroughly entertained by our guest speaker, Bob Montgomery. Bob spoke on many subjects - his years as a major league baseball player, Carlton Fisk, his years as a color analyst for the local broadcasts, new prospects and young players, the issue of steroids and the controversy surrounding their use in baseball. For some time he fielded questions from the floor where there was great participation.

Featuring Bob Montgomery

Bob Montgomery played ten years as a professional Major League baseball player with the Boston Red Soz from 1970 - 1979.

Bob was an important contributor to the great Red Sox teams of the 1970's.

After baseball Bob spent 14 years as a color analyst with TV channel 38, sharing the microphone with Ned Martin and Shaun McDonaugh.