Reception 5:30 p.m.

Dinner 6:30 p.m.

Meeting after Dinner

Meeting will be held at the Sheraton in Needham

Our Guests

Sally Snowman, Ph.D.U.S. Coast Guard
Keeper of Boston Light
Jay ThompsonCoast Guard Auxillary
Assistant Keeper of Boston Light
Rev. Matthew RasurePastor
First Baptist Church, Medford, MA
Rev. Sean WittyPastor
First Baptist Church, Newton, MA
Douglas RogersDirector
Boston Baptist Social Union
Christopher DuncombeDirector
Boston Baptist Social Union

Program Details

WelcomePresident Robert Gaffney
Song“Send The Light”
Led by Richard Freeman
InvocationRev. Matthew Rasure
BusinessRobert Gaffney
Christian Work MomentFred Drauschke
ProgramBoston Light
Dr. Sally Snowman
BenedictionRev. Sean Witty


photo of Richard Freeman leading the hymn

Richard Freeman led us in singing “Send The Light”.

Invocation by Rev. Matthew Rasure.

Christian Work Moment by Rev. Matthew Wigdon, Pastor at First Baptist Church in Rockport. The church has received a Christian Work Grant to help fund the youth outreach ministries.

Benediction by Rev. Sean Witty, Pastor at First Baptist Church Newton.

December 2018 Meeting

Boston Light

Dr. Sally Snowman

Dr. Sally Snowman

Boston Light, located on Little Brewster Island in Massachusetts Bay, is the last manned lighthouse in the United States. Dr. Snowman will share its and her story with us.

Sally Snowman is the 70th keeper of Boston Light, a post that dates back to 1716. She’s the last of her kind, every other Coast Guard Light Station in the country has long since reasssigned its full-time keepers in the wake of automation. Secluded on Little Brewster Island for weeks at a time; she’s one part watchman, one part caretaker, and one part historian. Over the summer she⁏s eager to share her island’s history with visitors who flock there and to impart a taste of the tranquility she’s found preserving this ancient lifestyle.

Boston Light, the first established lighthouse in colonial America began lighting the way for safe navigation into the fledgling maritime port of Boston in 1716 with its fog signal station established in 1719. Today. Boston Light is the last manned Coast Guard Light Station in the country located on Little Brewster Island at the entrance of Boston Harbor. A power point presentation comprising of illustrations and photographs chrnicling 302 years of service will be provided by the lighthouse keeper, Sally Snowman, Ph.D. She has co-authored with her husband two books Boston Light - A Historical Perspective (1999) and Boston Light - Arcadia Images of America (2016).