Reception5:30 p.m.
Choir Rehearsal5:45 p.m.
Dinner6:00 p.m.
MeetingFollowing Dinner
ProgramFollowing Meeting

The location of this meeting will be at the Sheraton Hotel in Needham, MA

Our Guests

Mr. Norman Katz Military Attache - US Secret Service (Ret.)
Rev. Brian Dixon Pastor
First Baptist Church, Worcester
Rev. John Goss Pastor
Avon Baptist Church
Mr. Richard Wolf Director
Boston Baptist Social Union
Mr. Bob JopeDirector
Boston Baptist Social Union

November Meeting

November 3, 2014

About The Speaker

Norman Katz, Military Attache - US Secret Service Retired served in the John F. Kennedy White House at the time of the assassination.

Norman Katz is a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, MA 1961 College of Business Administration.

He is the youngest of eight still alive from the US Secret Service who served with the President John F. Kennedy detail on the day of the assassination in November 1963. He served as Military Attache, US Secret Service, Continuity of Government Program, and was on duty at the White House, Military District of Washington, DC.

Norm revisits the events surrounding the tragic assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas more than fifty years ago, and the historic transition of government to Lyndon Johnson in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

Norm was there, at the White House, assigned as a Military Attache in the Secret Service, when that horrible dispatch came in advising us of the President's shooting and death.

  • He was privy to details and secrets that, until recently, he was not allowed to reveal
  • He personally interacted with President Lyndon B. Johnson on many occasions.
  • He possesses (and will bring) original photographs and memorabilia from the assassination and LBJ's swearing in.
  • He has intimate, firsthand knowledge of the secret procedures in place to protect the President, as well as other clandestine operations.

Norm Katz is a captivating, electrifying speaker whose ability to excite audiences, make them feel as if they were there too.