Boston Baptist Social Union
October 3, 2005

October Meeting

New Member's Night

Our Guests
Our Featured Speaker

Mr. Lennart Long has chaired seven national and international Homeland Security Conferences and has been invited to be a keynote speaker at three conferences on the subject of Homeland Security including the IEEEE/NATO TEHOSS Homeland Security Conference in Gdansk, Poland. He works with Dr. Thaddeus Kochanski to organize high-level technical talent and invite high-level government speakers for these conferences. His conferences are well attended. His team has been hired to organize the 750 person Homeland Security conference for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be held in Boston in April.

Mr. Long was appointed to President Clinton's Security Policy Board's technical committee. The U.S. Secretary of State gave Mr. Long an award for designing and building a mobile security command post for her. He was awarded the Bronze Medal by the Secretary of Transportation for his technical accomplishments and has the most patents issued from the U.S. Department of Transportation. He also holds the Bronze medal from the Research and Special Programs Administration.

Mr. Long's presentation featured some video slides depicting natural and man-made threats (such as terrorist activity) assessment, risk analysis, and risk mitigation strategies. One of the greatest risks identified was injuries related to window glass shattering. Mitigation strategies reviewed examined the effectiveness of modified glass products to minimize the shattering of glass or at least to minimize the number of loose pieces. Some of this glass is similar to that in automobile windshields. The ideas presented gave us some ideas to consider in reducing the risk of injury at our churches and homes.

Special Music

The music was provided by the praise and worship team at the New Hope Christian Church in Swansea, MA. The team is comprised of Mr. Paul Gauthier, Minister of Music, Wendy Brickman, Debbie Allen, Judith Vangel and Wil Pelchat.